The Jewel Box House

Tucson, AZ


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This single family residence is a series of sage-green boxes with separate sleeping, living and garage areas creating the basis for building form and functional interior circulation.  Glazing elements emphasize the separation between primary building components and became a prevalent element of the design. These transparent connections are the dominant  feature along the south elevation and the major connection between indoor spaces and outdoor living. This arrangement allowed the architect to utilize residual spaces to frame views and insert natural light throughout the living spaces, maintaining intimacy and separation between the primary living uses. Additionally,  walls within the gallery and living areas became a canvas the clients could use to organize their collection of art, inherited family heirlooms and contribute their own design aesthetic. 

Limiting the impact to the natural environment was paramount to the home’s placement and proportions. The building was carefully placed along existing site contours providing opportunities to protect native vegetation and develop a variety of outdoor patios. The location of the south pool and patio area becomes a visual and physical focal point throughout the living area. This placement insured a variety of existing natural elements would be exhibited and became integral to the final design.