1202 Studios

Tucson, AZ


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1202 Studios is the home of DESA. Designed within the shell of a former 4,085 square foot Midas Muffler shop, 1202 Studios is a creative, efficient and cost effective solution that addresses the potential to re-adapt Tucson’s unused and underutilized commercial building stock.

Fundamentally, the design re-purposed the muffler shop into three individual office suites, complete with mezzanines to take advantage of the existing 16 foot ceiling height. Doing so involved DESA’s rigorous engagement with the City of Tucson’s Board of Adjustment variance process as well as extensive site plan and landscape plan reviews.

In dialogue with these code and zoning processes, the renovation also included the reinforcement of the sub-standard roof structure in addition to modifications to the existing shell and site to meet accessibility requirements. The electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems were also completely reworked to suit the building’s new use.